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Is your body under a lot of stress? Do you find yourself struggling to sleep? Are you keen to get your health back on track? If the answer to all three questions is yes, then you need to purchase Wild Force Night Rebuild. Order online now for fast and simple delivery.

Ideal for people with hectic lives, who are entering middle age, or who lift weights frequently in bodybuilding, Night Rebuild puts sleep at the top of the priority list. During the night, our body produces crucial hormones that are required for almost every kind of bodily function. These hormones are healing and are released between the hours of 10pm and 2am. It is, therefore, important that we are getting a full night’s sleep in order for this to happen.

That’s where Wild Force Night Rebuild comes in. The unique formula helps to ensure you have a restful sleep with positive hormone production. It is designed for people living in the modern world who are ground down by the stresses of everyday life and are struggling to find a sense of inner peace. Many people report an end to getting night sweats, as well as a more positive and deep sleep. If you’re keen to regenerate your health, youth and vitality, this is the formula for you – made all the more unique by its generous use of the geranium flower in its exclusive ingredients list.

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Wild Force Night Rebuild Ingredients

Understanding the ingredients in any product is essential to seeing how it can benefit you, and appreciating the additional qualities it will bring to your night-time routine.

Fava (broad bean), Geranium, Magnesium Malate, Dandelion Root, Liquorice Root, Bamboo Stem, Nettle Leaf, Alfalfa Juice Powder, Rehmannia Root (prepared), Bupleurum, Ornithine, Burdock Root, Magnolia Bark, Saw Palmetto, Wild Lettuce 4:1 Powdered Extract, Red Clover Blossom, Diatomaceious Earth, Redmond White Clay, Suma, Carnosine (vegan), Sarsaparilla, TMG (tri-methyl-glycine), Holy Basil, Bladderwrack, Passionflower, Hops

Fava (broad bean)

Fava beans are known to be a strong source of natural human growth hormone (HGH). This is a powerful anti-ageing substance, which helps your body continue working in a youthful, strong way. It also helps to improve athletic performance and muscle mass. In addition to HGH, fava beans contain the highest amount of L-dopa – a brain neurotransmitter – of any plant. This helps to control hypertension and Parkinson’s disease, but also stimulates the production of HGH. In addition, fava bean contains vitamin B17, helps to overcome menopause and PMS, and has potassium, which helps with blood pressure.


Not just a beautiful plant for the garden – this common flower is a wonderful sweetener that helps to regulate endocrine, hormone balance, sleep and mood. It’s the magic ingredient that really makes a difference with this wonder product.

Magnesium Malate

Magnesium is known for helping you to relax and rest. This is crucial right before sleep. It also helps your muscles to relax, which can be ideal after exercising or if you have any aches or cramps. We need magnesium to keep our bodies running effectively – almost as much as oxygen. Without it, our bodies aren’t healthy. Magnesium can help to prevent heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, or strokes, and dramatically serves to increase your life-span. It also lowers blood pressure, helps to reverse insulin-resistance, and is important for a restful night’s sleep. This is aided by the fact it can counteract depression, emotional instability, and an irregular heartbeat, which can all cause stress.

Dandelion Root

These natural plants aren’t just great for making wishes. They’re also a superfood and natural medicine that can be eaten in its entirety. It is hugely beneficial for you, from the fact it helps to cleanse your blood and liver, increase your digestion, and improve your bowel function, among other benefits. It contains vitamin A and E, which are great antioxidants, along with iron, calcium, magnesium and more. It is often used for skin complaints, such as acne and also for gut health as the roots of dandelion are a good source of probiotics, which are beneficial gut bacteria.

Liquorice Root

Did you know that, within liquorice root, you will find over 400 phytochemicals? These all have healing qualities, which is why it is well known for being a common medicinal plant. It has historically been used to help treat hormone imbalances, both in men and women. It plays a key part in supporting many concerns, including reducing the adverse effects of oestrogen on the prostate and helping in the reduction of prostate enlargement. It also helps to prevent hair loss through blocking DHT forming from testosterone. Along with these benefits, it is immune-stimulating, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and essentially an all-round great source of health benefits. It can help to balance blood sugar – although if it is bought at the store, it should be avoided as this can dangerously raise blood pressure. When used in a product such as Wild Force Night Rebuild, it is safe.

Bamboo Stem

As well as being a favourite food of pandas, the bamboo stem is also becoming one of the most useful plants in the world thanks to the fact it contains silica. This can help to build strong bones, repair tissue damage from being at the gym, increase collagen for more youthful skin, and strengthen blood vessel walls. This is important for staying heart-healthy.

Nettle Leaf

This super plant is a great source of minerals and protein, including vitamin C, iron, calcium and silica. It is thought to boost immune function, and build collagen. Thanks to the vitamin K that it contains, it is also used for strengthening bones, among many other health benefits.

Alfalfa Juice Powder

This complete food contains plenty of vitamins, including C, D, E and K. It helps to support a strong immune system and bones. It also contains 18 essential amino acids, making it a great source of protein.

Rehmannia Root (prepared)

Commonly used in Chinese medicine, Rehmannia root is one of the key 50 fundamental herbs. It is used to help support female fertility and menstrual concerns, support overworked kidneys in their recovery, help with chronic fatigue, and support the liver, which produces vital hormones.


Another great ingredient for helping the liver to create human growth hormone (HGH), Bupleurum also serves to cleanse and treat the liver, which helps it to process hormones better, making for a healthier body overall. Additionally, it helps the heart and lungs, improving both circulation and respiration, while reducing any inflammation.


This amino acid is sleep-inducing, which is exactly why you’ll be wanting to use Night Rebuild. At the same time, it is great for helping to burn away fat, build muscle and repair tissue.

Burdock Root

Natural plants feature heavily in Night Rebuild thanks to their great health-boosting qualities. Burdock root is seen as one of the main herbs for strengthening the liver, which again helps to boost the creation and distribution of hormones. It cleans the blood very well, helping to remove acids and heavy metals and is often used to treat skin concerns. It balances hormones, which is important too.

Magnolia Bark

A pre-historic plant dating back over 95 million years, magnolia is often used to help the body to relax. It is also important for enabling the liver to produce human growth hormone, as well as support a strong blood pressure.

Saw Palmetto

A wonderful hormone builder, saw palmetto can support a number of concerns including prostate enlargement symptoms, hair loss, and urine problems.

Wild Lettuce 4:1 Powdered Extract

Another great hormone builder, which helps the liver to function effectively, this extract is occasionally referred to as being ‘poor man’s opium’.

Red Clover Blossom

Contain four phytoestrogens, red clover blossom plays a key role in regulating hormone balance, and protecting the body from oestrogen dominance. It can additionally support with enlarged prostate, menopause and hot flushes.

Diatomaceious Earth

If you take a lot of protein, this is a particularly great ingredient as it absorbs mercury, viruses, protein toxins, E. coli, and drug residues, among other things. It helps to detox the body while also rebuilding the connective tissue with silica.

Redmond White Clay

Chosen for its mineral-rich components, this helps you to sleep. It also supports the digestive tract in its cleaning and healing, detoxing the body while also aiding in tissue repair and growth.


Known for being a fantastic adaptogenic with athletic endurance, hormones and adrenals. It also helps in the production of stem cells and increases oxygen levels.

Carnosine (vegan)

This natural amino acid helps to extend the life-span of every single cell in your body. It is beneficial for its anti-oxidant qualities, which enables it to flush toxins from your body. In animals, it has been found that a high level of carnosine correlates with a longer life-span. It can also help to block an accumulation of lactic acid, which is known for triggering pain in muscles after intense exercise.


If you are struggling with impotence or virility concerns, this hormone builder is the ingredient for you. It has a similar effect on the body as testosterone. It also helps women with menstrual problems, PMS, depression and the menopause thanks to the way it behaves like progesterone. It’s known for reducing stress levels, being anti-inflammatory, and cholesterol-lowering.

TMG (tri-methyl-glycine)

Made using beet roots, TMG is great for hormone production, rebuilding adrenals, and aiding in nutrient absorption. It is required by almost all molecular bodily functions. It is ideal for the liver, which helps in the production of hormones, and is used for getting hormones back on track.

Holy Basil

This anti-inflammatory plant helps to relax the nerves, which is important when you’re looking to sleep better. It also reduces stress, cleanses the body, improves blood sugar levels, and strengthens the stomach.


Packed with vitamin K, this seaweed has been used for centuries in helping with arthritis and stimulating the adrenals.


Ideal to get a relaxing night’s sleep, this whole plant is used as a relaxant against anxiety. It also helps with insomnia, nervous tension, restlessness and headaches.


Hops, although also used in the production of beer, have a calming quality that helps to ease sleep problems, anxiety, tension, cramps and restlessness. Hops have been used through the years to help improve sleep, often being added to pillows for a better night’s sleep.


Wild Force Night Rebuild Dosage Instructions

Start with 1 teaspoon, then later 1 tablespoon with water or juice on empty stomach 1 hour before bed. Stop eating 4 hours before bed no matter how hungry you become, otherwise your body will be digesting food while you sleep and you will not get proper rest. You’ll also be more susceptible to having weird dreams and will wake up tired and age faster.

Healing hormones are released between 10 pm and 2 am and you need to be asleep for this to happen. This Wild Force Night Rebuild formula helps you sleep AND also rebuilds your hormones. It’s ideal for bodybuilders, people under a lot of stress, or those losing hormones from middle age or stress. This formula is so very important for almost everybody for so many different reasons. We are worn out and torn down during the day. This formula helps us rebuild at night so we can be new again.


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