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Parasites can be the bane of our lives; they’re just about everywhere and it is hard not to come into contact with them. From doorknobs to toilets, shopping trolleys to computer keyboards, fingernails to water, pets to shaking hands with people. The most difficult thing about parasites is the fact they so often go undetected to the naked eye. You probably have parasites on you or near you at this very second – it’s easy to shudder with disgust. The worst part is that once the parasites are either on or in your body, they will start to multiply very quickly. This can have huge effects on the state of our health.

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Some of the better-known parasites include roundworms, which have been found to lay up to a million eggs in just one day. Then there are tapeworms, which are able to grow up to 60 feet in length. Single-celled amoebas, meanwhile, will start to digest the brain and other organs if left unnoticed. Even the healthiest people alive are not immune to the effects of parasites. Therefore, it is crucial for everyone to cleanse their body of any potential parasites at least once a year.

For those who have been harbouring parasites, they will immediately see a difference. From feeling less hungry (the parasites will no longer be eating your food and energy supply and excreting it out into your bloodstream, organs or lungs!) to feeling less sick, suddenly you may notice all those mysterious illnesses suddenly resolve themselves.

There are plenty of symptoms that signify parasites are lurking around you; from not feeling quite right, craving foods that are bad for you, and being irritable to experiencing cramps, breathing problems, feeling hungry, having stiff joints, frequent itching, feeling tired and even a cloudy memory – behind all of it could be parasites. Medically speaking, our bodies can often be a breeding ground for parasites, along with mould, fungus, viruses, yeast and bacteria. It isn’t just about being clean on the outside, but on the inside too.

Markus recommends taking part in a parasite cleanse at least once a year, if not more regularly. You can do this by taking a course of organic, non-GMO Bodyforce Parasite-Free Formula, which is an amazing and completely natural product. Built using some of the most powerful herbs on the planet, these ingredients are capable of blasting parasites into oblivion and protecting your body better than any chemical ever could.

These herbs will expel parasites from your body, while also helping to boost the liver through the process. They are also able to minimise any nausea you may be feeling, which can often happen as a result of the gasses from dying parasites. You will need to take a course of Bodyforce Parasite-Free formula for three months, which will ensure you’ve killed all of the parasites in your body. It’s powerful and effective.

Body Force Parasite Cleanse 3 pack bundle – Ingredients

Green hulls of black walnut: Known to have a powerful impact on parasites, black walnut has been used for many centuries to expel these nasty beings from the body – especially parasites such as ringworm that cause skin irritations and various types of worms. Black walnut is particularly good at helping the body rid itself of toxins and oxygenating the blood.

Graviola bark: Renowned for its ability to purge parasites – in particular, those in the intestine – graviola is also able to help calm nerves, reduce blood pressure and help with arthritis and heart problems. In laboratory tests, it has also been found to effectively target and kill malignant cells within 12 different types of cancer.

Quassia: Native to Jamaica, quassia has commonly been used for those with roundworms and as an insecticide. It is also commonly used by people with digestive disorders or head lice.

Butternut bark: Popular since the 1800s for its ability to expel parasites through its laxative qualities, butternut bark also helps to support a healthy liver. It is used more commonly for expelling parasites and worms rather than killing them.

Wormwood: This bitter herb is one of the most powerful tools for killing parasites and is effective against whipworms, pinworms, roundworms and hookworms. It contains two potent chemicals that work together to kill parasites – thujone and isothujone. It is often used by people with malaria.

Diatomatious earth: This food-grade version of diatomatious earth acts very much like a parasite shredder. It slices through adult parasites upon contact, without any harm to humans.

Rhubarb: Powerful and non-addictive, rhubarb can help in expelling parasites, egg and larvae through stimulating colon movements. Even in low dosages, it can work particularly well.

Clove: Containing one of the best germicidal agents available – eugenol – cloves also contain caryophyllene, which acts as a powerful antimicrobial agent. It travels through the bloodstream, targeting and killing microscopic parasites and their larvae and eggs. Cloves are renowned for being effective against illnesses such as malaria and tuberculosis, as well as against parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi (including Candida).

Pumpkin seeds: With the ability to kill parasite eggs through a natural fat they contain, which is toxic to parasites, pumpkin seeds can help stop the spread of problems.

Pomegranate seeds: When ground up, these little seeds contain a powerful antioxidant known as Ellagitannin (Ellagic acid). It has been proven to be key in destroying parasites due to its strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Aloe vera: Once called the ‘herb of immortality’ by the Egyptians, it contains a soothing gel which will help you with peristalsis. It’s also renowned for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Papain: This protein digestive enzyme will help to restore your intestinal tract back to full health. When taken 30 minutes prior to a meal, or 30 minutes after, it can also help to kill worms while working to make your body inhospitable to parasites.

Goat’s rue: This wild legume was used in the Middle Ages for treating the plague and is commonly used for treating infections with parasitic worms.

Garlic: With the ability to slow and kill more than 60 types of fungus and 20 types of bacteria, garlic has been used for hundreds of years to kill parasites. They also help to control any secondary fungal infections, while detoxifying gently.

Turmeric root: A great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient, turmeric also helps to clean the blood and liver.

Buy your parasite cleanse today with Bodyforce Parasite-Free Formula. Taken for three months, this organic, sustainable and non-GMO product will provide the health results you need and will rid your body of any nasty parasites, worms or bacterial infections. Order online now – simple, fast and 100% secure.

Note: Please don’t take this cleanse while pregnant or nursing. Additionally, it is not suitable if you have gastric or digestive ulcers. Nor is it intended for children or animals.


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