Instructions for a New Life

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Many people find themselves so caught up in the effort of keeping their heads above water that they end up doing things they really don’t want to do, to pay for things they don’t really need. In ‘Instructions for a New Life,’ lifestyle guru Markus Rothkranz shows us how to break this self-defeating cycle.

This step-by-step guide shows us how to leave confusion, pain and emptiness behind, how to get rid of destructive habits and thought patterns and ultimately how to find our inner strength and cleanse our bodies, minds and lives.

Markus is internationally renowned for showing people how to heal their lives by following easy to understand instructions and making lifestyle changes that bring huge benefits to body, mind and spirit. Start over and create a new life, filled with purpose and meaning. It may be an overused phrase, but in this case it’s true – this book will change your life! Order it online now and benefit from 100% secure payment and simple and fast delivery.