Complaining Kills

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This is one of the biggest secrets to success, health and longevity. Do not shrug this off or take it lightly. There is a huge difference between complaining and seeing something as a creative challenge. This is what separates successful people from the rest who think negativity leads to results.

It doesn’t.

It leads to more negativity and shortens the life of everyone involved.

Watch this important video to find out more.

Complaining and negativity shortens your life and will not get you more perks and upgrades like you think, as opposed to positive energy. People who make people feel good get further in life, whereas negative people simply isolate themselves into a life of loneliness, bitter frustration and depression.

Nobody likes miserable people. This is one of the biggest secrets of success and getting further in life. Learn this important lesson before its too late. Negativity leads to adrenal burnout, a weakened immune system, cortisol, and shorter life.

Life extension starts with positive energy. You MUST learn to get rid of stress.

Walk away from negativity, even if it means losing what you think is valuable. Your sanity and life is more important. All that other stuff can be replaced. Read my pocketbook “Instructions for a New Life



Lorenzo Juarez
re: Instructions For A New Life You guys have NO CLUE how much TRUTH this book contains! If you only REALIZED the VALUE of the information contained, you would be eternally grateful for it ever crossing your path…. LITERALLY, this book should be worth its weight in GOLD! Trust me, I’ve researched success from the very BEST – I am still BOGGLED how well Markus put it all together or that he even knows about this information – almost makes me wonder, lol it’s truly unbelievable! Stop wasting your time trying to figure out “the secret to success”… just CUT STRAIGHT TO THE CHASE = Instructions For A New Lifethis IS the “Secret To Success!” It is so SIMPLE you are MISSING IT!!!

Caleb B
Instructions for a new life is literally the best book I’ve ever read. My whole extended family wants to get a copy. I’m on page 84 and I’m already changed! When I started chapter 9, I was like YES hit the nail on the head. Gotta clean out my old MySpace pics too.

Penny Lee
Congrats Markus! Just finished reading my copy today “Instructions for a New Life”…so interesting and could not put it down…I’m carrying it around in my purse for a REREAD. I highly recommend everyone to get a copy asap…have a great day!

Joe Ross
Great book. I bought two. One for my daughter and one for me. After I read mine. I let a co-worker read it. After she had it for a week I saw it and it was all ruffled up with post-its sticking out everywhere. She told me it was just what she needed to hear after thinking life had no meaning. I told her to keep it as long as she wanted. I may need to buy a third book.

Samer Halabi
What can I say? You changed my life. I wish I read your books a long time ago. Your last book is perfect. A piece of art, just like your painting.



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