What Cara eats in a day!

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The long-awaited video: what and when Cara eats in a day. This was one of her favorite videos to make because this is what she actually eats every day!

Enjoy the video!


My girlfriend and I have been eating one meal a day for a month now. We both have more energy thru out the day both have lost like 20 pounds. And I feel stronger while I’m working out. It really is a lifestyle for us now
Jarred Heard

I am grateful to use your products.They heal me every day and make my transition more possible. Big thanks to Green formula and free colon, I have digestive issues, so I am able to cure in a gentle way along with a diet. Thank you for your kindness and generosity to share with us. God bless you. Have a good day

Thanks for all you do! I wanted to announce, I’ve been on wild force greens for 5 days, and I never expected the surprising results! My memory has improved 10 fold, and female hormone issues are feeling 100% better. Thank You
Rachel Kelley

Green Formula is great and helps with hunger and food addictions.
Ann Tiller



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