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Part 1 – What is Fat
Launching a 5 part series of cute animations explaining fat and how to understand how many calories we actually eat… all explained in an adorable easy to understand format that kids of all ages can understand. I strive to make education fun 🙂

Enjoy the video


Markus’s Wild Force Super Plant Protein has changed my life completely:  I used to be a low energy, “get tired by 2pm” dad that would struggle to find energy by the end of the day.  This mixture has empowered me to be a more energetic dad, to do better at my career, still have energy by 8-9pm at night, and it’s improved my health considerably.  I’m not saying this magically cured all of my negatives in my body, but now my body is much more balanced and healthy.  I feel much better as a person.  My mental health has never been better. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.  I literally owe you a HUGE thank you for making my life better.  Cheers,
Deric M

My girlfriend and I have been eating one meal a day for a month now. We both have more energy thru out the day both have lost like 20 pounds. And I feel stronger while I’m working out. It really is a lifestyle for us now
Jarred Heard

I am grateful to use your products.They heal me everyday and make my transition more possible. Big thanks to Green formula and free colon, I have digestive issues, so I am able to cure in a gentle way along with a diet. Thank you for your kindness and generosity to share with us. God bless you. Have a god day

Thanks for all you do! I wanted announce, I’ve been on wild force greens for 5 days, and I never expected the surprising results! My memory has improved 10 fold, and female hormone issues are feeling 100% better. Thank You
Rachel Kelley

Green Formula is great and helps with hunger and food addictions.
Ann Tiller



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