Daily archives: 1st June 2017

Yes, you can have healthy Indian food! Here are two delicious non-dairy healthy Indian sauces you can make to accompany the gluten-free garlic naan bread. Cara demonstrates how to make these sauces which are also in the uncookbook. So now you don’t have to feel guilty anymore! Indian food that’s […]

Healthy Indian Sauces!

Important Lesson from a Fairy Tale
One way they used to teach important lessons was to embed them into fairy tales. There are several important ones in the Cinderella story. Here is one that mostly people don’t even realize. Watch this video and learn this important lesson handed down through history from a children’s story. Here’s […]

Important Lesson from a Fairy Tale

What makes plant protein so special?
Since discovering the importance of proteins in the 1830s, we’ve developed a greater understanding of what our bodies need and how we can achieve a healthier lifestyle. Protein is in every cell of our bodies. It’s important to have a sustainable source of protein in our diets so we’re able […]

What Makes Plant Proteins So Special?